Divorce Financial Planning & Security

Robin understands the financial panic that can set in when your marriage gets rocky. You need to know what you are getting into. You need to feel financially secure. Robin can help.

Divorce Financial Planning | Avoid Struggling Financially After Divorce

How important is Divorce Financial Planning? Very. The top reason many people stay in a bad marriage is money. Is my marriage over? It might be — but what about your financial security? Is that over, too? Mostlike, the answer is “no”. You will need to plan for it, though, and Robin can help.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). Using her training as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Robin will help you sort through your most intimidating and confusing financial issues and come up with clear and viable solutions. This includes alimony (aka spousal support), child support, the division of assets (the house, retirement, bank accounts), and the distribution of debt.

Expenses, taxes, valuations and retirement. We will discuss expenses for you, expenses for your children, the tax effects of various settlement options, valuations of your various assets, and planning for retirement.

Re-entering the work force. If it looks like you will need to re-enter the work force, or step-up your work life, Robin will help you work through your fears (which is pretty common for her clients who have to go back to work). Robin herself had to go back to full-time work after staying home for more than 10 years to raise her children. Drawing upon this personal experience, as well as her financial knowledge and years of helping people through big life transitions, Robin will guide you, with realistic options, to resolve your career and financial dilemmas.

What will my finances look like post-divorce?

Questions Include :

Divorce Financial Planning - Financial Settlement
  • What will alimony/spousal support cover?

  • Will I be able to keep my house?

  • What can I expect in terms of child support?

  • What does child support cover?

  • How much will I need to make per month to sustain my standard of living?

  • What happens if the payer of alimony/spousal support dies?

  • If I need to use retirement money to survive, will I have to pay a lot in taxes

  • Will my spouse get a portion of my retirement assets? Will I get a portion of his/hers?

  • Will my spouse be required to pay for my re-training to enter the workforce?

  • Who will be responsible for paying off our credit card debt?

Financial Security