Social Changes

Whether you stay married, or get a divorce, a troubled marriage affects all of your relationships.

Let’s fix it.

Fear of loneliness, and feeling socially adrift, is common when marriages are in trouble — whether you are working on keeping the marriage intact or planning for divorce. Maintaining your social network, or building a brand new one, will provide positive energy for your hard work ahead.

As your divorce coach, Robin will address your worries and help you work through how to best manage concerns, such as:

  • Will I lose my close friends?
  • Do some people end up making new and better friends after divorce?
  • How will I form new friendships if my marriage is over?
  • What is the best way to break the news to my neighbors and the parents of my children’s friends?
  • Do I need to tell my kids’ school?
  • Is internet dating safe?
  • How do I rebuild my identity, separate from my spouse?

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Social Changes