Ask a Divorce Mediator: How Can You Avoid Divorce?

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Robin Graine, JD, divorce coach, mediator, and certified divorce financial analyst was a featured guest on the podcast Robin’s interview was based on her November 2018 article Ask a Divorce Mediator: How Can You Avoid Divorce?

Robin talked about her observations over the past 10 years owning Northern Virginia’s preeminent divorce mediation and marriage consultant firm, Graine Mediation LLC, about tips to have a good marriage:

  • Accept your spouse for who he or she is. No two people see things the same … and that is OK.
  • Action is often more important than words.
  • Prepare for big changes when you have kids – especially for the mom. Having kids is more work than you could have ever imagined.
  • Be intuitive. Don’t assume your spouse will tell you what he or she needs. Some people don’t even know what they need, exactly, but everyone wants their spouse to make them feel loved and secure.

Robin also shared common causes of divorce and simple methods to help couples be proactive and avoid divorce.

Listen to the full podcast here

Robin Graine, JD, CDFA – Divorce Coach & Mediator

Robin Graine, JD, CDFA® is a veteran divorce coach and divorce mediator I help people determine whether their marriage is worth saving or not. I have been in the divorce business as a coach, lawyer, mediator, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst for nearly 20 years. I know how hard this can be. I am also a divorced mom and had to rebuild my life after being a stay at home mom for many years.

Ask a Divorce Mediator: How Can You Avoid Divorce?

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