How Can You Avoid Divorce?

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Robin Graine, JD, divorce mediator, marriage consultant, certified divorce financial analyst was a featured guest on the podcast Commitments with Ken+Leslie. Robin’s interview was based on her May 1, 2019 Thrive Global article How Can You Avoid Divorce? 5 Observations from a Divorce Mediator.

Robin talked about her observations over the past 10 years owning Northern Virginia’s preeminent divorce mediation and marriage consultant firm, Graine Mediation LLC, about contemporary circumstances that contribute to marital demise and, ultimately, divorce:

  • Mom ditches the stay-at-home dad for a working dad
  • Dad leaves the mom who is hyper-focused on their children
  • Wives dump husbands with an internet porn addiction
  • Couples break up when one of them reconnects with an old flame on Facebook
  • Spouses look to their partners to fill too many roles

Robin also shared her belief that most marriages break up over the “3-A’s”: Not enough attention. Not enough affection. Not enough appreciation.

Robin Graine, JD, CDFA – Divorce Coach & Mediator

Robin Graine, JD, CDFA® is a veteran divorce coach and divorce mediator I help people determine whether their marriage is worth saving or not. I have been in the divorce business as a coach, lawyer, mediator, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst for nearly 20 years. I know how hard this can be. I am also a divorced mom and had to rebuild my life after being a stay at home mom for many years.

How Can You Avoid Divorce?

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